Revolutionize Dental Impressions with the NewTom Intra-Oral Scanner

July 12, 2023

Revolutionize Dental Impressions with the NewTom Intra-Oral Scanner

Accurate dental impressions are crucial for precise diagnoses and effective treatment planning. Global Imaging, in partnership with Cefla, a renowned leader in dental technology, is delighted to introduce the NewTom IOS. This state-of-the-art intraoral scanner combines advanced imaging capabilities, comprehensive warranty coverage, a dedicated laptop, and training support to revolutionize the process of capturing intraoral impressions.

In this blog post, we will explore the exceptional features of the NewTom IOS, highlighting its advanced imaging capabilities, comprehensive warranty, seamless integration, and training options. Dentists seeking effortless and accurate intraoral impressions will find the NewTom IOS to be an invaluable addition to their practice.

Advanced Imaging Capabilities

The NewTom Intraoral Scanner utilizes advanced imaging technology to capture highly detailed dental impressions, ensuring precision and accuracy in diagnoses and treatment planning. With its high-resolution capabilities, this scanner enables dental professionals to visualize dental structures with exceptional clarity, allowing for precise measurements and improved patient outcomes. Experience a new level of diagnostic accuracy with the NewTom IOS.

Dedicated Laptop with NNT software

The NewTom IOS includes a dedicated laptop that is seamlessly integrated with the scanner, providing a hassle-free setup and optimized workflow. The NewTom IOS is integrated into NNT, NewTom’s all-in-one software. 3D impressions are therefore immediately available for any processing and use within the dental surgery. The pre-configured laptop allows for efficient data transfer, streamlined communication, and effortless scanning. 

Comprehensive Warranty: Reliable Protection and Support

The NewTom IOS comes with a comprehensive warranty, providing reliable protection and support for your investment. This warranty covers all components of the scanner, ensuring peace of mind and long-term support. With the backing of Global Imaging and Cefla, you can trust in the durability and reliability of the NewTom IOS, knowing that any manufacturing defects or performance issues will be promptly addressed.

Unlocking the Full Potential

To ensure that you can maximize the benefits of the NewTom IOS, Global Imaging offers comprehensive training programs. Whether through online resources or personalized support, you and your team will receive the training needed to operate the scanner with proficiency. Unlock the full potential of the NewTom IOS and enhance your practice's efficiency and patient care through comprehensive training.

The NewTom IOS combines exceptional precision and advanced imaging technology to provide reliability, flexibility, and proficiency in your dental practice. With this cutting-edge scanner, dental professionals can effortlessly capture accurate dental impressions, revolutionizing the way you approach diagnosis and treatment planning.

Backed by a comprehensive warranty and extensive training options, the NewTom IOS allows you to unlock the full potential of your practice. Experience the power of effortless and precise intraoral impressions with the NewTom IOS and take your dental practice to new heights.

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