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Recertified Dental Imaging Equipment – Defined

June 26, 2023

Recertified Dental Imaging Equipment – Defined

The Big Hurdle – Cost

Dentists across the world are adapting to the ever-evolving dental imaging market. CBCT, CAD-CAM, IO Scanners, and 3D printers have changed the way dentists structure their practice and clinically diagnose patients. This is great for patients. They receive better care as technology becomes more available. 

The problem for doctors is the cost. A new CBCT can exceed $100,000. Global Imaging has devoted over 35+ years to servicing our clients with high-quality equipment for a fraction of the cost.  Our mission is simple

“To provide affordable imaging equipment to elevate your standard of care.”

Understanding how we recertify imaging products is the first step to trusting us in setting up your office with a CBCT/Panoramic X-RAY. 

Our Process

Recertifying imaging equipment starts with a dental office selling their used machine or one of our vendor/manufacturer partners offering trade-in programs. We will provide a “Bid of Valuation”. If the seller agrees to the offer, we start our fine-tuned process of recertification. 

We implement a comprehensive “20-Point/Two Year Recertification Program” that sets a standard of excellence for our service and equipment.                                                   

The Equipment

The inspection process caters to the singularity and complexity of the machine. Every manufacturer and model takes a life of their own, and each piece of equipment has a personality that reflects upon the engineering. For example, Planmeca is manufactured in Finland; Prexion in Japan; Caresteam in France, etc.

The equipment is heavy, and delicate, and requires technical expertise to properly test, disconnect, pack and crate. Emphasis is placed on the smooth removal of each machine. The removal checklist is rigorous and has requirements of testing all FOV settings; QA on the unit features like bitewing and TMJ, laser alignment, and panel calibration…

Our Service

Understanding digital imaging equipment, you now know that an experienced dental technician is essential for the removal of the X-RAY. We have a network of 200+ trained and proven technicians nationwide, and a large team of technicians located internationally. Many of our technicians have a resume of 30+ years of expertise, an ability to learn, and a duty to be customer-centric.

Our partnered support team, “” provides superior support even at removal. ONDemandIT gathers unit specifications, and image quality information before the professional technician arrives on-site. Professional handling of the equipment is essential throughout the removal. Proper bracing, packing and shipping is the key to ensuring successful recertification. 

The Delivery

We place intentional and delicate care into our equipment before it is delivered to our customers. The “20 Point/Two Year Recertification Program” is a necessary tool to ensure your expectations are met. We truly believe in,” under promise and over deliver”. We offer a variety of manufactures that you can find available on our website at

We pride ourselves in being the best quality and affordably priced reseller of dental imaging equipment.  All our products come with our ”Platinum Warranty”, and ONDemandIT Support, and we offer installation to all 50 states and in selected World Wide destinations.

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