How can you Find the Best CBCT for Your Dental Practice

June 26, 2023

How can you Find the Best CBCT for Your Dental Practice

Dental cone beam (CBCT) technology is now a must in most dental practices. This is due to their imaging capabilities, which allow the dental practice to have faster patient treatment planning.

This demand has given rise to manufacturers producing a wide range of CBCT equipment to meet dentists’ varied needs and budgets. As a dentist, you are spoiled for choice on the brand, quality and functionality of your CBCT scanner.

Picking the most expensive scanner doesn’t always mean it is the best for your dental practice. In this article, we look at a few simple pointers you can use to pick the right CBCT that meets the needs of your dental practice.

What is Your desired Field of View (FOV)

Dental cone beam systems are typically categorized into three FOV groups: small, medium, and large.

Small FOV is ideal for dentists that are content with viewing one or two teeth at a time. This is ideal for single-implant treatment.

Medium FOV CBCT is ideal for the majority of dental practices. This is due to how versatile this FOV is. It has a more comprehensive view and makes for broader and more detailed treatment.

Larger FOVs are ideal for practices that offer several specialized treatment options. It achieves this through its ability to collimate down to more localized anatomy.

What are your ideal Configuration, System & Feature Requirements?

Knowing these three things will help you filter the available options even further. You can get equipment that will better suit your specific needs and space. These specifications also help you discover the brand best suited for the needs of your practice.

When it comes to software take note of how often you will be receiving updates and how long the software support lasts. Equipment with longer support periods is more desirable than equipment that is supported for a shorter period as you will find yourself on the market for newer equipment sooner.

Take a look at the reviews.

Reviews seldom lie. If you find yourself face to face with a brand that a seller is raving about it doesn’t hurt to find out what other dentists that have used the same brand have experienced. This prepares you for what you can expect from your desired equipment and how you can avoid common mistakes. 

Find the brand that works for you.

We have listed a few reputable brands you can look into. Within each brand, there are several options you can choose from.

  • Planmeca CBCT
  • Sirona CBCT
  • Carestream CBCT
  • i-CAT CBCT
  • KaVo CBCT
  • Vatech CBCT

Find the Right Dealer

Our final tip is to choose the right dealer for your equipment. Global Imaging USA is a dental imaging reseller dedicated to providing dental practices with reliable, cost-efficient and quality dental imaging equipment.

Digital dentistry is the way of the future. We highly recommend you purchase from trusted vendors. Whatever option you choose, it might be the best decision you’ve ever made for your practice.

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