A buyers guide to recertified dental imaging equipment

June 26, 2023

A buyers guide to recertified dental imaging equipment


Global Imaging USA is a dental imaging reseller dedicated to providing dental practices with reliable, cost-efficient and quality dental imaging equipment. Customers have many questions when it comes to recertified dental imaging equipment.

In this article, we answer these questions and offer a few tips for purchasing your recertified dental imaging equipment.

Check for any recurring fees.

Before you commit to paying make sure you are getting the payment structure you want. Specify to your dealer whether you want to do a once-off payment or you want to pay for your equipment in part payments.

Establish how much you will be paying if you choose to do part payments and make sure you get all the information you need from your registered dental equipment dealer so that there are no expenses that catch you unaware.

Support and Training

Some dental equipment requires that you and your team get training on how to use and maintain the imaging equipment you would have bought. Insist that the retailer gives you proper training. This helps you keep your warranty intact as you will not be held responsible for any damage that happens from misuse.

Take note of warranties on offer.

Different brands carry warranties specific to them and what they do. When purchasing your recertified dental imaging equipment make sure you ask after the warranty and the terms that are linked to this warranty.

When in doubt call a professional. 

Recertified dental imaging comes in all brands. This means for some choosing the right one can prove to be a difficult thing. Global Imaging USA has stoked all reputable brands in the USA.

This makes it easy for our technicians to identify which brand you need for your dental business. At times you need to have someone show you the equipment you need and why.

Contact us and learn more about our recertified dental imaging equipment.

Digital dentistry is the way of the future. You may purchase brand-new dental digital equipment or used dental digital equipment from trusted vendors. Whatever option you choose, it might be the best decision you’ve ever made for your practice. Don’t get left behind as technology advances!


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